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Lazy. [12 Oct 2011|12:30pm]
[ mood | good ]

So apparently I'm really lazy about updating my LJ. It's seriously been... two years? A year? I don't really know. However long it's been, it's kind of sad.

So I guess, life updates are in order. I'm getting married, I work for a mortgage company running their social media (yes, it is as fun as it sounds), and my best friend is still fantazmegorik. Oh, I bought a house. I don't live in a roach infested apartment down in the hood of Richmond, VA anymore. Thank God. A girl can only take so much of hearing gunshots while she's falling asleep (this is a true statement).

I'm going to try to be better about this. I think that LJ is probably the only 'social' outlet where I can talk about what I want, when I want. It's going to be nice. Definitely different. I might even throw in a curse word every once in awhile.

But I'm keeping that icon forever. Superman is such a dick.

PS I drove to Charlottesville, VA this morning and it was raining so hard that a truck seriously disappeared into the fog in front of me. It was like some Pirates of the Caribbean thing. Way trippy. I'm scared to go back out there.

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[01 Nov 2009|09:12pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

I'm watching The World Series. Go Yankees!

I'm also tired, and I cleaned up a lot of vomit in a house that's not mine.

I kind of hate Halloween.

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well then [26 Sep 2009|07:03pm]
I guess I'll go ahead and update.

I have nothing to really talk about.

All I've done today is watch football.
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[17 Mar 2008|08:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Cooper and I just spent five minutes chasing the cat around the apartment so that we could re-enact the scene from Lion King where Baby Simba is presented to the animal kingdom as their future king.

Beat THAT, my nerdy friends.

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best night ever [10 Feb 2008|12:23am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So, today, I got up and made t-shirts... one for Cooper and one for me. Mine said "Barack and Roll" on the front, with an "Obama '08 YES WE CAN!" on the back, and Cooper's said "Barack the Vote" with the same thing on the back. We then headed down Broad Street and stood in front of the Siegel Center where the Democratic Party of Virginia was holding the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, and rallied in front for Barack from about 4pm until about 7pm. Due to our intense rallying and yelling (at one point, I was holding the giant, taller-than-me B in the word OBAMA), and singing/chanting, we were given free tickets to go inside and listen to Barack Obama speak.

First up were a bunch of local politicians who I greatly appreciate. Our beloved Richmond mayor, Doug Wilder (who, incidentally, is the former governor of Virginia, and the first African-American governor that was ever voted into office in the United States) spoke, and was, of course, amazing. Hillary Clinton then spoke, and received very polite applause, and she definitely has a moderate following in Viriniga. Then Mark Warner, who is running (and going to WIN!) for U.S. Senate spoke, followed by Tim Kaine, our new governor, also spoke, and is an avid Obama-endorser. In fact, he was the first person to endorse Obama, period.

THEN OBAMA. Amazing. Anything you have seen on TV is just magnified in person. His passion is awe-inspiring, and his belief in the American people is just beautiful. He understands the difficulties that our nation is facing, and he knows that he, as one man, is not going to be able to fix it. He understands that we need a President in office, a leader, who is going to inspire the United States to fix our own problems, and not solely rely on politicians to do the job for us. He defined the word hope for us, voicing that it is not just idealistic and a fanciful notion, but rather something that built our nation, and continued to build it, from the abolitionists, through the suffrage movement, to a nation that climbed its way out of a depression, through a Civil Rights movement that we are still fighting today... and he let us know that hope is what is going to get us out of what the American people have been going through for the past seven years. He spoke of his plan for eventual universal health care, and how it isn't going to be easy, but it can be done. He spoke of ending a war we never should have been in in the first place, he spoke of not supporting another war that our current President is trying to involve us in... and every word was laced with absolute sincerity. A man who doesn't accept lobbyist money, isn't corrupted by Washington, D.C., and loves this country, red, blue, white, black, Asian, Latino, gay, straight... it's absolutely beautiful.

Then, after he was finished amazing us with his phenomenal rhetoric, Cooper and I walked down Broad Street (waving our Obama signs in front of restaurants and coffee shops like maniacs), put our stuff away at home and went to Popkin Tavern. Cooper and I had some amaretto sours, talked to Ed (an adorable bartender there), some guy bought me a shot, and then we got up to go home. And as we are exiting the bar, who's there? Well, hello Mark Warner. MARK WARNER. MARK WARNER. HOW ARE YOU? YOUR SPEECH TONIGHT WAS ALSO AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU! Well, that's what flashed through my head, anyhow. In reality, I stood with my mouth agape while he talked to other patrons, but actually managed to tell him how much I admired him and how great I thought he was when he actually talked to me and Cooper. Then I got a picture of him, where I look insanely, geekily happily.

Best day ever. Seriously.

And tomorrow, I'm going to go see Barack again in Virginia Beach. I am so excited.


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[04 Feb 2008|08:20pm]
[ mood | patriotic ]

Super Tuesday is approaching, and my brother just finished up a viral campaign to educate voters about how exactly their vote is counted... so click the link and play a fun game and learn, too! And pass it along, if you would like.


AND if you live in one of the states that is having a primary or caucus tomorrow, GET OUT AND VOTE! DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

and you know... here's my little endorsement.

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[16 Dec 2007|05:50pm]
[ mood | angry ]

If Fox Sports shows Jessica Simpson sitting in the Dallas Cowboys stands one more time, I am seriously going to lose my mind. I do not watch football to watch that dumb, stupid blonde drool over one of the best QBs in the league. Slash, it's making the man lose his game. If they lose, I am going to kill her. The end.

Wait, not quite the end.

Friday Night Lights is the best show ever. I would say Lost is, but Lost is more like a religion. I want Tim Riggins to be my boyfriend immediately.

Oh, and Britney is making a comeback, I don't care what anyone says. The Piece Of Me video is step 1. Out of nine thousand and seventy two.

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[01 Nov 2007|10:17am]
[ mood | weird ]

Last night, I had a dream that I was deployed to Iraq. This is silly, because 1) I'm not in the military and 2) no one in their right mind would ever let me in the military. But anyway...

So, I'm deployed to Iraq, and my biggest concern is that I can't get my hair into a proper bun. This is also ridiculous, because I used to be a ballerina, and hello, I'm Asian, and Asian people can always put their hair in buns. So my Momma had to do my hair. I don't know what I was planning on doing, maybe just keeping my hair in the same bun for however long I was deployed.

I also ran around asking how long women were usually deployed for, and I got the answer "Three days to ten months." THREE DAYS? I have clearly lost it. Not to mention, the note for my deployment time was written in frilly cursive and said "Be at the airport at this time! Have a nice day!" Hmm. I feel like something fishy is going on.

Anyway, obviously there is something crazy going on in my subconscious. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I was forced to drink Natty last night, and then ate eggplant lasagna at 1AM.

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angel among us [25 Oct 2007|09:59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

today is like any other day and
selfishly, we ask you to stay
fly, angel, fly away

today is the day that we cry and
avoid the truth by creating a lie
fly, angel, fly high

and you, continue to sing
and with every crystalline note you'll bring
a smile -
think of us every once in awhile

tonight we will sit together alone and
our hearts may stay, our minds will roam
fly, angel, fly home

rest in peace, katelynn. we miss your beautiful soul, voice and face. keep singing... we're listening. i hope you enjoy those strawberry fields forever.

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Boo-boo. [25 Apr 2007|03:35pm]
Kanga almost scratched my toe off. Then he climbed into an Abercrombie bag, so I carried it to Anthony and gave it to him.

I have not seen him since.

It's been a really good few days, bee-tee-dub.
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[16 Apr 2007|02:45pm]
I love you, Hokies. Be okay, all right? I love you.
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[29 Mar 2007|10:16am]
[ mood | creative ]

So, today when I walked outside (in a short-sleeved shirt, bee-tee-dub, and it's about 50 degrees outside, when it was about 239823 degrees yesterday) I found a little baggie full of diamond and gold jewelry in our back parking lot.

I'm going to post some signs later today, but if no one claims it in about two weeks or so, I'm probably going to pawn it (because really, it's not very attractive jewelry).

Other than that, I'm having a good life. Form and analysis was fun this morning, we talked about Beethoven's string quartet in c# minor, one of my favourite chamber pieces on the planet. We also received word that Paul Basler is going to be speaking to our class while he's in residency here. I don't know how I'm going to get through that, since I don't particularly care for his composing technique. The two choral works we're doing in Commonwealth singers are just ridiculous, with nonsensical modulations, not to mention just the awkward text and the fact that it's coupled with a horn. I don't understand. Oh well, maybe I can skip that day.

Seriously, it's really chilly outside, and I distinctly remember being uncomfortably warm yesterday. In fact, last night it was so hot in our apartment that I inexplicably decided that the best possible thing for me to do was to take my blanket, spread it out on the hardwood floor and sleep there. It didn't cool me down at all, but I slept better. It's also been discovered that Kanga will follow me wherever I'm sleeping, whether it be the bed, the couch, the floor, on top of the counters, in the hallway, in my car, over the river and through the woods, the library, in a box, with a fox, what have you. But it's adorable, and I love him because he's adorable.

Last night's Lost gave me nightmares. Just staying.

Man, I keep forgetting that I have an extra Commonwealth Singers rehearsal today at noon, because we missed one on Tuesday. Boo. I wish I could just completely forget, and not go, and have the excuse of actually forgetting.

Okay, I'm hungry. I'm done boring all of you with my life details.

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what. [19 Feb 2007|11:37pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Okay, seriously. Our water heater is making satanic noises and it's periodically smelling like garlic-y soup in our apartment. Cooper and I are very frightened and kind of convinced that there is a Garlic Soup Ghost haunting us. Or maybe someone is playing a very elaborate prank, which... kudos to you, because I like to prank people, and I never would have thought of garlic soup.

And just cos I have a lot of pictures on my computer...

I probably think this song is about meCollapse )

I found out today that I've been spelling the word opportunity incorrectly for my entire life. How embarassing.

Now I'm going to do the rest of my form and analysis homework, and try to ignore the smell of garlic soup.

I just thought, maybe someone is trying to ward off vampires.

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Survey [02 Feb 2007|08:16pm]
I'm doing this survey while I wait for Victoria. :)

Nothing funny to put hereCollapse )

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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run-around [17 Jan 2007|12:56am]
[ mood | tipsier ]

Same old, same old.

Aaron and I are no longer together as of last night.

Today was the first day of classes, and nothing eventful happened, except I had waaaay too much coffee and had to walk a mile-and-a-half to Anthony's car and another mile-and -a-half to get him his stupid dining plan. Also, his handwriting looks like a foreign language.

Tonight I went over to Ariana's, and we watched Gilmore Girls and had a few drinks and played Apples To Apples, and then Kevin came over so Ellen and I went home.

Now I'm at home, ready for bed!

Seriously, though. Jason Kanno, please contact me before you leave for a different continent this weekend. Kthx. Bye.

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[10 Jan 2007|06:25pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

I'm making a butt-tonne of green tea, and the kitten thinks my bellybutton ring is his new playtoy.

The one in my belly button.

Anyway, nothing to update about. Classes start soon. Yay.

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[27 Dec 2006|10:55am]
[ mood | listless ]

Lesson #82 about the King family:

When moving from one house to another, Christmas trees will be lost. However, two year old bags of kitty litter are still easily found.

I'm off to the gym because I'm tired of being a lazy slob.

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[23 Dec 2006|05:49pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

So I got an early Christmas present from Aaron.

It's under the cut:

White-ish ChristmasCollapse )

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[30 Nov 2006|11:47am]
I was supposed to update last night at the request of Aaron.

I then promptly forgot.

So this is my update.

Today is predicted to be quite busy, but with a happy ending that involves sushi, watching The Office and probably smiling a lot. Also, caroling is involved. What could possibly go wrong when you're caroling? (...lots actually, especially given the circumstances, but yay, Christmas music!)

I was subjected to Christmas techno music last night at work, and it was a truly horrifying experience. I hope none of you have to go through that. Ever.

It's back on with Aaron.

Small survey, because you know what, I am no longer interesting.

Yay, click.Collapse )

Have a good day, f-list.
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[17 Nov 2006|04:43pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I love the person who invented pants because they are a wonderful garment to be worn.

But sometimes I wish they were a brighter colour, because I had a hard time finding any this morning.

But I'm still pro-pants.

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