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So, today when I walked outside (in a short-sleeved shirt, bee-tee-dub, and it's about 50 degrees outside, when it was about 239823 degrees yesterday) I found a little baggie full of diamond and gold jewelry in our back parking lot.

I'm going to post some signs later today, but if no one claims it in about two weeks or so, I'm probably going to pawn it (because really, it's not very attractive jewelry).

Other than that, I'm having a good life. Form and analysis was fun this morning, we talked about Beethoven's string quartet in c# minor, one of my favourite chamber pieces on the planet. We also received word that Paul Basler is going to be speaking to our class while he's in residency here. I don't know how I'm going to get through that, since I don't particularly care for his composing technique. The two choral works we're doing in Commonwealth singers are just ridiculous, with nonsensical modulations, not to mention just the awkward text and the fact that it's coupled with a horn. I don't understand. Oh well, maybe I can skip that day.

Seriously, it's really chilly outside, and I distinctly remember being uncomfortably warm yesterday. In fact, last night it was so hot in our apartment that I inexplicably decided that the best possible thing for me to do was to take my blanket, spread it out on the hardwood floor and sleep there. It didn't cool me down at all, but I slept better. It's also been discovered that Kanga will follow me wherever I'm sleeping, whether it be the bed, the couch, the floor, on top of the counters, in the hallway, in my car, over the river and through the woods, the library, in a box, with a fox, what have you. But it's adorable, and I love him because he's adorable.

Last night's Lost gave me nightmares. Just staying.

Man, I keep forgetting that I have an extra Commonwealth Singers rehearsal today at noon, because we missed one on Tuesday. Boo. I wish I could just completely forget, and not go, and have the excuse of actually forgetting.

Okay, I'm hungry. I'm done boring all of you with my life details.
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