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So apparently I'm really lazy about updating my LJ. It's seriously been... two years? A year? I don't really know. However long it's been, it's kind of sad.

So I guess, life updates are in order. I'm getting married, I work for a mortgage company running their social media (yes, it is as fun as it sounds), and my best friend is still fantazmegorik. Oh, I bought a house. I don't live in a roach infested apartment down in the hood of Richmond, VA anymore. Thank God. A girl can only take so much of hearing gunshots while she's falling asleep (this is a true statement).

I'm going to try to be better about this. I think that LJ is probably the only 'social' outlet where I can talk about what I want, when I want. It's going to be nice. Definitely different. I might even throw in a curse word every once in awhile.

But I'm keeping that icon forever. Superman is such a dick.

PS I drove to Charlottesville, VA this morning and it was raining so hard that a truck seriously disappeared into the fog in front of me. It was like some Pirates of the Caribbean thing. Way trippy. I'm scared to go back out there.
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