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14 February
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School: VCU

Major: Vocal Performance

Movies:[Clue] [Newsies] [Cannibal! the musical] [Ferris Bueller's Day Off] [Breakfast At Tiffany's] [Lord of the Rings trilogy] [Young Frankenstein] [My Fair Lady] [Finding Neverland] [The Wizard of Oz][Empire Records] [10 Things I Hate About You] [High Fidelity] [Office Space] [Magical Mystery Tour] [Life of Brian] [A&E Pride and Prejudice] [Animal House] [Robin Hood, Men In Tights] [Down With Love] [Amelie] [Pretty Woman] [The Emporer's New Groove] [Mulan] [Shakespeare In Love] [Hook] [Big Fish] [She's All That] [Bridget Jones's Diary I and II] [Hope Floats] [Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind] [Monty Python and the Holy Grail] [School of Rock] [Napoleon Dynamite] [Garden State] [Gidget] [Kiss Me Kate] [Harry Potter I, II and III] [Mickey Blue Eyes] [My Fair Lady] [Hidalgo] [Emma] [Interview With A Vampire] [The Big Lebowski] [American Psycho] [Breakfast Club] [A Roman Holiday] [Moulin Rouge] [Without A Paddle] [Donnie Darko] [One Fine Day] [Kill Bill Volume I and II] [Jawbreaker]

Music: -The Awesome Music- [Bizet] [De-Lovely Soundtrack] [Mozart] [John Coltrane] [Nirvana] [Frank Sinatra] [Thrice] [Phantom Of The Opera orignial cast recording] [Ray Charles] [Montaverdi] [Smetana] [Daphne Loves Derby] [Tchaikovsky] [Coldplay] [La Nozze de Figaro] [The Calling] [Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack] [Gabrieli] [The Beatles] [Miles Davis] [Bach] [Billie Holiday] [Dave Brubeck] [Wagner] [Huey Lewis And The News] [Il Travatore] [Howard Shore] [Charlie Parker] [Yann Tiersen] [Nickel Creek] [James Brown] [John Winntet] [Hanson] [Schubert] [Incubus] [Josh Groban] [The Killers] [Ravel] [Bank Zero] [David Crowder Band] [Cannibal! The Musical soundtrack] [Mancini] [The Russian Five] [Ella Fitzgerald] [Vanessa] [Vivaldi] [Purcell] [Don Giovanni] [Coheed and Cambria] [Mendelssohn] [Rat Pack] [Jimmy Smith] [Bank Zero][Passion Worship Band] [Elvis] [La Traviata] [Dovak] [John Williams] [Mahler] [Dido and Aeneas] [Mae] [Lizst] [Coverage] [Chopin] [Cole Porter] [Strauss] [Dean Martin] [Newsies Soundtrack] [Count Basie] [Verdi] [Dean Martin] [Debussy] [Save Ferris] [Queen] [Orlando Lassus] [Bjork] [Waking Ashland] [Beethoven] [Fiona Apple] [Johnny Cash] [Duke Ellington] [Creedence Clearwater Revival]

-The Car Music- [Hoobastank] [Britney Spears] [Sunny Day Real Estate] [Moulin Rouge soundtrack] [Backstreet Boys] [The Shins] [Dido] [Jewel] [Death Cab For Cutie] [Frou Frou] [Third Eye Blind] [Save Ferris] [Enya] [Maria Mena] [Rachel Yamagata] [Kelly Clarkson] [Yellowcard] [Loben] [Starting Line] [The Postal Service] [Ryan Cabera] [Faith Hill] [Jason Mraz] [Faith Hill] [John Mayer] [2Gether] [Christina Aguilera] [Garden State soundtrack] [Air]

TV: [CSI] [Law And Order: SVU] [Judging Amy] [Boy Meets World] [Clerks-The Animated Series] [Family Guy] [Futurama] [Buffy] [God, The Devil and Bob]

Now this is eternal life! That they may know You , the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent. *John 17:3

The real truth is that while Jesus came to preach the gospel, His chief object in coming was that there might be a gospel to preach.

God is Faithful.

Emma Is Roommate Awesomeness Love

My President is Love.

The Noodle Incident Is Love.

Christian Bale in Newsies is Wonderful.

The Noodle Incident Is Love.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Empire Records is damn the man love

Ryder Strong Is Old School 90's TV
Show Hunk Of Burning Love, Love.

Goblet of Fire is going to be love.

By w00tlikewoah

The Beatles are love.
Made by skitz0_kitty

Bananas are Love!

The Beatles are love.(again)
Made by skitz0_kitty

All Girls are Princesses; and that's Love

by sarry777

Viggo Mortensen is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Harry Potter is curiously addictive love.
by floridagirl1025

Love Actually is all around love.

By w00tlikewoah

Donnie Darko is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Harry/Hermione is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Slap Her She's French is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Horror is Psychotic Love

Lindy Hop is Swingin’ Love! </a>
made by pinkstiletto510

Tim Burton is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Flowers are Love!

Haley James Scott is Love
Haley James Scott is Love
made by allison_kate

Dan Radcliffe is love.

By w00tlikewoah

The Gentlemen are silent love.

By w00tlikewoah

Marilyn is timeless love.

By w00tlikewoah

Interview with the Vampire is Dead Sexy Love

Fiona Apple is Love

Flamingo’s are Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

Sin City is loveSmells Like Angels Outta Smell.

Gryffindor boys are yummy jailbait love.

By w00tlikewoah

Britney is toxic love.

By w00tlikewoah

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jason Mewes is snoogans love...

Made bysimple__man

Smart is Sexy on Catherine Willows

Eric Bana is Love.

Sailor Moon is Love

James Marsters is love

made by illi_vanilli


Made by x_shortcake_x

Fraggles are Love!

Eliza Dushku is Love.

Jon Stewart is Daily Show Love.

Made By-herekittykitty

made by hearts_stars_xo
I Love Lucy is Classic Love

Draco Malfoy is ferret love.

By w00tlikewoah

The Breakfast Club is Love
The Breakfast Club is Love
made by allison_kate

Chocolate bars are SINFUL love.
Made by txcoolchica

The Heathers are Killers Love

NYC is love.

crayons are love.

Red Roses are Love
Red Roses are Love
made by allison_kate

Snow is silent love.

Rivalry is love.

The Wizard of Oz is Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

Calvin and Hobbes is love.

Audrey Hepburn is love.

Shane West is reformed bad boy love.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is love.

Jude Law is love.

Indigo is Love.


Hamm Twins are Love

Jack and Sally are love.

The Gilmore Girls are Sassy Love

by bluedeathwounds

Pickles are Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

Obi-Wan Kenobi is Love

Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Love.

Napoleon Dynamite is Vote 4 Pedro Love - GOSH!

Made by _anything_love

Brandon Boyd is Accidental Sex Symbol love

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is love.

Jack Black is love

By: vgrbabe

Inuyasha is love.

Buffy and Spike are Love and Hate

Films are love.

Qui-Gon Jinn is Love

i ♥ huckabees is existential love ♥ </small>

Made by portmanteux

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Finding Neverland is Remarkable Love>

Greg Sanders is Hot Lab Rat Love

Glowsticks are love.

Jay and Silent Bob are Crazy Stoner Love

Converse shoes are love.

Gilmore Girls Are Love

Breakfast At Tiffany's is Love.


Jesus is Love

New England Patriots are Love

Simba is love.

Spike is love

Batman Beyond is Love

Pointe Shoes are (painful) Love

Shakespeare is Love

Chewbacca is Love

Ferris Bueller Is Love

Shakespeare Is Love.

Kurt Cobain is love.

Voyager is long distance love

By: vgrbabe

Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan are South Park Love.


The Notebook is true love.
Made by mants_57

Switchfoot is love
Made by: mewmew

Eric Szmanda is Love

Lucas Scott is Love
Lucas Scott is Love
made by allison_kate

MercyMe Loves God

Maroon 5 is Love.

Music Is Love That Sounds Good.

Wicked is Broadway Love.


Clerks is convenience store Love.
Made by txcoolchica

Puss in Boots is Love

Sesame street is sunny days love

CSI is Love

Nalgene Bottles are unbreakable love.

Made by herekittykitty

Chicago is show-stopping love.
Made by txcoolchica

Red is Love

Stewie is Genius Love

Sporks Are Love

Alan Rickman is Love

My favorite hockey players is love.

The Little Mermaid is love.

Classic Album Covers Are Vintage Love

Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi/Princess/Neo-Queen Serenity (take your pick) is magical, moon-light romance manga love.

Goldfish are Love.

Made By herekittykitty

Gogo Yubari is Pretty, Deadly Love.

Made by jesuisnapoleon

Fred & George Weasley are Always Up To No Good
Made by reddiej

Jorja Fox is Love

Tap is Love

Question Marks are Curious Love

Flop Flips are Summer Love

Woodstock is dedecated sidekick love.

Made By herekittykitty

Conan Obrien is love.

Letting it all out is Healthy Love
Made by _outside_castle

James Marsters is love.

Christian is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Han Solo is Love

The Phantom of the Opera is Love

The Bride Is Merciless Revenge Love

Roses are Love
Roses are Love
made by allison_kate

The Guys of One Tree Hill are Love
The Guys of One Tree Hill are Love
made by allison_kate

Nature is Love

Dogma is Catholic Love.
Made by txcoolchica

Eternal Sunshine is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Original Phantom Fans Are Love

Ben Jelen is love.

Hugs = Love
Made by _outside_castle

Ice cream is love.

Dance is Love

Spike is Sex on a Stick Love

Clue is Murderously Fun Love

Schroeder is Talented Love.

Dawson and Joey are You and Me Always Love.

by spicymagee

Lucy and Desi are eternal love

George Eads is Love

Rain is Love
Made by _outside_castle

American Eagle is love.

The Spice Girls are Girl Power Love
Made by charmedxchic

Stitch is Alien (Also Cute and Fluffy) Love

Eowyn is Love
Eowyn is Love
made by allison_kate

Shakespeare in love is love.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is Love

Made by unlocosbitch

Boba Fett is Love

Lucy is five cent Love.

Chapstick Is Love

♥Sweet Valley High is love..♥
Made by x_cr4zy0n3_x

The Shins are rockin' good love

Google Images is colorbar love.
Made by txcoolchica

Rob Thomas is Unwell love

Sam and Largeman are Love
Sam and Largeman are Love
made by allison_kate

Woodstock is Yellow Love.

Evil Monkey Is Scary Love

Tomato Soup is my Favourite Soup Love

Love is a Many Splendored Thing.

by spicymagee

Jay and Silent Bob are Snoogly Love.

Charlie Brown is Love for Little Red Haired Girls.

Sushi is yummy love

By: vgrbabe

Rent is 525,600 kinds of love

By: vgrbabe

Hal Sparks is love

Gilmore Girls is Motherly-Daughter Love.

Nathan Scott is Love
Nathan Scott is Love
made by allison_kate

Garden State is love

By: vgrbabe

Willy Wonka is love

Pirates of the Caribbean is love

Edward Scissorhands is love

Hot dead guys are historical love.

Strawberry Shortcake is Love
Made by: _nutmeg

James Dean is Love.

Adrien Brody is Love.

Valentine's Day is My Birthday Love

Snoopy is Puppy Love.

Made by: beyondindigo

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Empire Records is damn the man love

Diet Coke is Artificial Sweetner Love.

My Tribute To Live Action Sailor Moon: All Colour Bars are made by oddblonde

Sailor Moon Is Sweetly World Destructive Love

Sailor Mercury Is Freaking Smart But Lonely Love

Sailor Mars Is Manipulative Totally Emo-Cool Love

Sailor Jupiter Is Gonna Cut You Suckah Love

Sailor Venus Has Some Sort Of Sickness But We Don't Know What It Is (And She's Kind Of Hypocritical) Love

Tuxedo Mask Is Marrying Me So Back Off Love

These were made by fantazmegorik

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Live Action Sailor Moon is outrageous faces love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The Sailor Soldiers are senshi love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sailor Soldiers out of uniform are friggen obvious love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mamoru and Usagi are true love
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